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Pyrate Coaching
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I have spent a lifetime helping people and organizations aim for their full potential, and over the years I developped a fun way to give people the agency, courage and savviness to get there. 

Let the PYRATE MINDSET be your compass!
Learn its intricacities so you’ll always figure out what your next move should be, how to get the prize and build your own legend along the way.

We have but one life. So let’s have some fun with it!


Fortune favours the bold

Inaction leads nowhere. Act now, knowing how to handle a bit of risk. 

Keep your eyes on the prize at hand

Focus on the value that is attainable now, then use it to prop your next move. 

Don’t be fraid to be a bit garish

Through skills and personality, aim to stand out and make people pause. 

Build your own legend

Forge the person (or organization) you want to be, because no one will do it for you.

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About Maurice the Pyrate Coach

Maurice Lefebvre

Maurice Lefebvre

Pyrate Coach, Organizational Designer, Social Futurist

A lifetime student of mankind and the organizations it builds, Maurice has first spent a decade in various management and design roles before spending a second one as a coach, helping both people and companies reach their full potential.

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